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If you are new to 1:64 Scale Diecast Racing ... you have to check out 3DBotMaker

PLUS, check out my ranked list by popularity (Number of Subscribers) of 84 Diecast Racing Channels below ...

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Since finding 3DBotMaker's King of the Mountain in the Fall of 2020 I have become an active member of the Diecast Racing community.  I started modifying my own cars, building my own track, this website, and a YouTube Channel.  I think that I enjoy organizing events more so than running my own races.  My track utilizes components from Slanman Customs and Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin.  I have also obtained art work from Glenn Harding and commissioned custom Hot Wheels from HWG Diecast, jUsTiN KuStOm gArAgE and JCM Diecast Customs.

In conjuntion with Merch by Meekin we have formed the International Diecast Racing League (IDRL).  Check out our Website, Facebook Group, and YouTube Channel as well ...

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Track components
by Slanman Customs
Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin-log
Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin
Emergency Vehicles by HWG Diecast
Official Safety Car
Show Cars:
Plasma-Force Garage
jUsTiN KuStOm gArAgE
JCM Diecast Customs

VR Valley Racers



We currently have 4 types of events, Firegone FIREBALL, Formula $pecial, LeMans, and Friday Night Street Racing.  See the tabs at the top of the page for links to these events.  The FIREBALL is an invitational Cannonball, Formula $pecial is a F1 inspired event, GT & Prototype Endurance Race Series is a LeMans inspired event, and the Friday Night Street Racing is just that, Friday Night Street Racing held about 6 times a year and features Snake!  Friday Night Street Racing is primarily a choose your ride, unmodified Diecast Racing but now also includes Sweet JP's Yellowline Modified Drag Racing & some Monster Truck action.


1:64 Scale Diecast Racing


RedlineDerby is a highly recommended source for everything Diecast Racing.  Look for other races and events to join, find other tracks, and look up other Diecast Racing Channels.  All of our events are posted on RedineDerby.

The Track


Friday Night Street Racing

While having fun racing the down hill open road course at Snow Valley, why not take in the local sights and join in some Street Racing through downtown Snow Valley.  Now moved to the outskirts of town.

Snow Valley Friday Night Street Racing just outside of Snow Valley is a flat stretch of highway a 1/4 mile long near the Sparling Propane and Railway Tracks.  At night Drivers meet at Sparlings Propane and compete head-to-head to see who is the fastest.  We don't condone Street Racing unless it is done at 1:64 scale.  This is approximately a 10 foot drag strip with a 3 foot drop.  Four lane starting gate with no electric timer, just a flag drop/photo finish at the end to determine the winner.


Snow Valley East

Based on Ontario/Canada's Snow Valley area.  This track runs two lanes (six cars) on Orange track through a 90, a 180, and two 45s (two lane divided corners by Slanman Customs) ... then opens up into a Crash Racers double wide track for a 225 degree Crash Racers corner followed by a 90 degree Crash Racer to the finish line.  Its a single pull two lane starting gate by Slanman Customs.  iPhone chase camera and finish line camera.  Electronic Timer by Slanman Customs.  Basic landscaping mostly in place. This track is approximately 35 feet in length with an overall drop of 4 feet.


The Dragon's Tail

Currently under construction, a second segment of track slightly shorter than the Snow Valley East track.  This track will have its own electronic starting gate and finish line timer.


The Ice Dragon

This track is the combination of Snow Valley East and The Dragon's Tail run together as a single track.  This will also not be ready until work is done on The Dragon's Tail.


Diecast Racing YouTube Channels by the Numbers ...

(P) Channels that we have participated on
(+) Channels that we have partnered with for events
(S) Channels that we Sponsor

33.  (916) - Jackson Pass Speedway Racing
34.  (916) - Rev Hobbies
35.  (883) - Indiana Diecast Racing
36.  (834) - DiamondHand Racing Series
37.  (751) - MNM Diecast Racing (SP+)
38.  (751) - Low Country Diecast Racing
39.  (724) - Aussie Diecast Racing League (+)
40.  (688) - Top Driver Diecast
41.  (682) - Slow Poke Diecast Racing
42.  (682) - Coal Hills Diecast Racing
43.  (640) - Diecast Racing TR
44.  (638) - ProTrack Gravity Racing
45.  (593) - The Den Diecast Racing
46.  (560) - Cold Wheels Racing
47.  (488) - GTC Diecast Racing League
48.  (478) - Northern Roads Racing
49.  (474) - GNR Vintage Diecast Racing
50.  (463) - PlaYz Diecast Racing (SP+)
51.  (441) - Don't Blink 1:64 Racing
52.  (438) - Shady Valley Diecast Racing (P)
53.  (422) - Treetops Raceway Park Diecast Racing
54.  (416) - Main Street Racers
55.  (402) - 1:64 Underground Diecast Racing
56.  (379) - Poverty Hollow DCR
57.  (348) - Mini Mofia Motors
58.  (347) - Down Squad Racing

59.  (324) - Marcus Firegone
60.  (324) - Campbell Creek Run Diecast Racing
61.  (309) - Formula Diecast Racing
62.  (305) - Man Child Motorsports
63.  (300) - 9s Diecast
64.  (288) - Roadrage Diecast Racing (P)
65.  (259) - 905Diecast (P)
66.  (257) - Chase Family Racing
67.  (245) - Miniature Car Racing
68.  (211) - Juniors Raceway (+)
69.  (172) - Shredder Speedway (+)
70.  (166) - The Cliff International Raceway & Chapters
71.  (164) - Fatherson Diecast

72.  (146) - Jack John and Katie Racing
73.  (112) - Biffs Place
74.  (99) - Boss Championship Racing
75.  (85) - Legacy Diecast Racing League
76.  (82) - IDRL - International Diecast Racing League (SP+)
77.  (81) - Calgary Diecast Racing 2.0 (+)
78.  (77) - Angry Moose 164 Racing
79.  (72) - Vittoria Diecast Motorsport
80.  (50) - KCLH Diecast Racing
81.  (38) - G-Force Racing - PCIR
82.  (32) - Diecast Hallucinations
83.  (16) - Small Scale Garage
84.  (6) - Code 3 Motorsports

The 1K club are Diecast Racing Channels that have made it into the mainstream.  I have personally seen the 3Dbotmaker Channel go up 5K subscribers in just 1 month.  The Channels with over 600 Subscribers are well on their way to becoming a mainstream Channel.  Below 100 Subscribers are new channels looking for relevance.  To me the milestones are 100 (Newb), 600 (Indie), 1K (Established), and 10K (Elite) and beyond Subscribers.  Anything over 100K is Super Elite.  Enjoy these channels and keep looking for those gems out there and don't forget to Like and Subscribe to these Channels.

Don't see your Channels on this list? ... Contact Me!


The Canadian Driving Club is owned and operated by Marcus Firegone.  The Canadian Driving Club is the parent organization to the Snow Valley Racers and the Formula $pecial Event.  The Firegone FIREBALL is a Marcus Firegone event and the Friday Night Street Racing is organized and run by Snake, both of which are run outside of the Canadian Driving Club umbrella.  Marcus Firegone also runs the BRICKAWESOME!!! LEGO Fan Club, and PlayAwesomeGames.

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