Our Goal:

To create a refined high tech diecast race series on YouTube like KotM, and to promote and link to other YouTube diecast race events with a similar dedication to track design.

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VR Valley Racers



Building Hot Wheels Race Tracks Since 1973

"Take your diecast to the street in this ultimate showdown" - Marcus Firegone

I've been building Hot Wheels race tracks since 1973.  Inspired by 3DBotMaker's King of the Mountain Diecast Race Series on YouTube, I'm now going to double down on building my own state of the art Diecast Race Track.  I've signed up as the Pit Crew on 3DBotMaker's channel and hope to participate in his mail-in races as well. 


My project started in late October 2020.  I've already established the Canadian Driving Club, also a group that I created in GTSport.  For my track I've decided to call it Snow Valley Diecast Racing in honour of our nearby Snow Valley Ski Resort in Ontario with its lush rolling country side and long winding roadways and highways around it.

Stay tuned for updates on this project.  I'm going to take my time and get it right but at the same time I'm targeting to get this rolling in 2021.  Contact me if you are interested in getting in early on Advertising, Car Modifications, etc...

... Marcus Firegone

Track components
by Slanman Customs
Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin
Emergency Vehicles by HWG Diecast
Show Cars:
Plasma-Force Garage
jUsTiN KuStOm gArAgE
JCM Diecast Customs

"Where the little plastic wheels meet the road" - Marcus Firegone


"We'll settle this behind the wheel" - Special Celebrity Guest


Special Half Time Event!

5pts - 1st
3pts - 2nd
2pts - 3rd
1pt - 4th
0pts - DNF

Valley Racers Mail-in Race Series:

Old School Race Series*

- Pre-60's North American Cars, Stock & Modified Races

Classic Muscle Racing Series*

- 1960's to Pre-90's North American Cars, Stock & Modified Races

Sports Car Cup Racing Series*

- 1990's & Newer International Sports Cars, Stock & Modified Races

Midnight Club*

- 1980s & Newer Japanese Cars, Stock & Modified Races

Fantasy Race Series**

- Non-badged cars by Hot Wheels, Stock & Modified Races

Drift Stars Race Series***

- Drift Cars - Toyota Supra vs Dodge Challenger, Stock & Modified Races

'53 VW Bettle, '59 Chevy Impala, '57 Chevy,
'36 Ford Coupe, '57 Ford Thunderbird,
'57 Chevy, '55 Chevy Nomad, '55 Chevy
Available Canadian Driving Club Old School Cars
Available Canadian Driving Club Old School Cars
Available Canadian Driving Club Sports Cup Cars
2011 Corvette Grand Sport, 2012 Camaro, 2005 Dodge Viper, Porsche 993 GT2, 2007 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, 2014 Corvette Stingray, 2007 Ford Mustang, 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera


- Any year, any badged car, Stock & Modified Races

The Premier Event



Participation in the Cannonball is by invitation only.  Winners of the "Stock" and "Modified" go head to head to determine who is crowned The Cannonball King.
Regular races are 4 at a time with 2 lanes.  There is a total of 4 runs rotating clockwise on starting position (like KofM).
Tie breakers:  Two head-to-head races are run with alternating starting position.  3pts for 1st, 1pt for 2nd, and 0pts for DNF.

* Badged Cars Only, No Trucks, Vans, Pickups etc.

** Non-Badged Cars Only, Must resemble a Car

*** Drift Cars Only, So far just Super Tsunami (Toyota Supra) & Dodge Challenger Drift Car.  Convince me to add more.

Roll bars are optional but Convertibles are not prohibited.  At Snow Valley Racing we are always looking out for your safety!

Races require a minimum of 4 Racers for a single 4 round shoot out to be held.  With 8 cars we will do two 4 round shoot outs of 4 cars each round with the top two proceeding to the final 4 round shoot out.  With 12 cars we will do three 4 round shoot outs of 4 cars each with the top cars of each round going forward to the final round plus a random draw of the 3 2nd place cars from each round.  This makes for a final 4 round shoot of 4 cars.  With 16 cars it is simply four 4 round shoot outs of 4 cars each with the top two from each set of 4 cars doing another 4 round shoot out to progress the top 2 of each to the final 4 round shoot out of the remaining 4 cars. 

Available Canadian Driving Club Fantasy Cars
Hollowback, Fast Fish, Paradigm Shift, Torque Twister, Verbored 454, Muscle Tone, Twinduction, Vulture
King of the Mountain by 3DBotMaker
Snow Valley Diecast Racing by Marcus Firegone

As you can see, I have a long way to go ... but it is going to be spectacular!  Purchased Crash Racers sets and waiting on my order from Slanman Customs.  Planning for a two lane starting gate and running four cars at a time.  After a 90 degree, 180 degree, and two 45 degree two lane corners it will open up into a double wide "Fat track" with Crash Racer corners.  All to be finished up like a model train table.  Track to include a second starting gate for the half-time Monster Drop Zone.  Come for the race, stay for the half-time event!

Valley Racers Membership Racing - How it Works
Become a Member on this website and then request for Bench Racer, Rookie or Pro status to be able to participate in events.  We will provide a form for you to fill out in order to be approved for the desired rank.  A season includes 1 Cannonball (by invitation only) and as many as 6 other (open) events for "Stock" and "Modified".
Levels of Racing Membership
Bench Racer - Just like Rookie, but no mail-ins permitted, you become a bench racer for the "Stock" events.  You may get randomly drawn from the other bench races if driver positions are available for any given race (including the Cannonball) and assigned a car from the Canadian Drivers Club cars.  You WILL likely be included in the races BUT that is NOT guaranteed.
Rookie - You have two choices, Mail-in "Stock" car or no mail-in required for any given event.  Simple provide your Driver Name & Team Name and we will assign you to one of our "stock" Canadian Driving Club cars (don't worry, you will get to represent your own country).  Don't want to use one of our cars, you can optionally Mail-in your own "Stock" Hot Wheels car.  We will make sure that you have not modified it.  Mail-ins do require pre-approval by our Track Officials before sending it in.  "Stock" cars are unmodified cars.  Rookies are limited to Hot Wheels cars only.
Pro - Customize your own cars and mail them in.  Any type of diecast car with your choice of added weights and lubricants.  No visible weights (see rules),  Mail-ins do require pre-approval by our Track Officials before sending them in.  Pro Membership includes Rookie Membership as well, so you may also select Canadian Driving Club cars or mail-in additional "Stock" racers.  So that 12 races plus 2 Cannonballs (if you get an invitation).  If you don't want to send modified cars for every event you may be able to choose from from a selection of modified cars by Plasma-Force Garage and others.
There will be prizes ... especially for 1st place.
Levels of Sponsorship (see Sponsorship for details)
Big Wheel - Sponsor the special half-time event, "The Monster Drop Zone is brought to you by ...".  Membership $12.50 CDN/quarter, and includes Pro Membership and a Diecast Metal Sign.
Big Cheese - Sponsor a single road sign with your logo.  Membership $14.95 CDN/quarter, and includes Pro Membership but NOT Big Wheel Membership and a Diecast Metal Sign.
Big Enchilada - Sponsor the entire race series!  "The Snow Valley Old School Race Series is brought to you by ...", or "The Snow Valley Fantasy Race Series is brought to you by ...".  Includes two Big Cheese and Pro Memberships.  Does not include Big Wheel Membership.  Membership $24.95 CDN/quarter.  Commit to two years and it will include a Graphic T-Shirt designed by an artist with your logo and race series.  For an extra $9.99 CDN/quarter and two year commitment, be the sponsor of our premier race series, the Snow Valley Cannonball.
OFF of Sponsorship Fees
until February 1st 2021
Contact Us
'61 Impala, "the Impalinator", by Plasma-Force Garage, driven by Marcus Firegone
Finished out Entry for Chaos Canyon
Working on our Entry to the Peg Clearing Brawl ... We are not happy with the paint.
Alpine A110 Cup, "Avalanche", by Plasma-Forece Garage, driven by Marcus Firegone
Working on our Entry to War on I4 Supercars ...

"We just got these Supercars from Mexico.  Don't touch a thing Tony, we just want to add some weight"

Mastretta MXR

"Who painted this?  This isn't neon"


"Who painted the winshild!?"

Working on our Entry to the International Racing Series ...

"We told Tony to get us a 2014 Corvette Stingray and he rolls into the shop with this Custom Mustang weighting in at over 45g!"

2014 Custom Mustang

Valley Racers Vehicle Rules


Vehicle Type

Cars Only, No Trucks (Vans, Pickups etc.) and no convertibles (safety first).  Cars must be licensed models (Cars that exist in real life - Ford, Honda, Ferrari etc.).  If you are not sure, check with a Track Official first.

Vehicle Size

  • Vehicle Scale: 1/64 (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica, Johnny Lightning etc.)

  • Max Width: 32mm. Must fit on hot wheels orange track. The sides of the car should not touch or extend beyond the sides of the track.

  • Max Length: 82mm

Vehicle Weight

  • Maximum: 50g

  • Added weight must be concealed inside of the vehicle and should not be visible.

Outer Vehicle Accessories

  • Accessories added to the outside of your vehicle like spoilers, engine blocks, decorations etc. are allowed. Accessories must stay within the vehicle size limits

  • No Sharp Edges anywhere on the car.

  • No Tape or visible glue on the outside of the cars.


  • Both wet & dry lubes are allowed.

  • If you use wet lubes, please be sure to wear it in good by spinning the wheels, and wipe off the excess fluid. Run it down your track first before sending it in, to make sure nothing is dripping.

Paint Job & Finish

  • Custom paint job is NOT required. 

  • If you’re painting skills aren’t great leave the original paint. These cars are going to be used in a video and we want them to look good. If a car’s appearance is not up to par, the track officials may pull it from the race.​

  • Please don't put anything inappropriate on your car or anything that may stir up controversy or political debate. Let's keep the focus on the racing.

Snow Valley Diecast Racing Race Entry

You must become a Member and post pictures and info about your cars for Race Official approval  BEFORE mailing in your entry.  Snow Valley Diecast Racing and the Canadian Drivers Club reserve the right to deny participation in our events for any reason. 


"Putting the pedal to the plastic" - Marcus Firegone

Snow Valley Diecast Racing Sponsorship


Sponsorship goes toward high tech items for the track like Cameras and Video Editing Software.  Thanks in advance for your support, and making it more real!

Road Signs

We have 6 road signs (3 3/8" wide x 2 1/8" high) available for advertising (3 still available) on a per season basis.  Road sings are strategically placed in corners where there is camera footage.  One  Season is 1 year and is guaranteed to include one Race Event posted on YouTube plus mention of your advertisement at least once.  It may include additional Race Events during the year.  (Estimated $5/month - 25% OFF until Feb 1st 2021).  Includes Pro Membership.  Our 1st season is targeted for 2021.

Custom Car Consignment & Car Show

We can take Custom Cars on Consignment.  If pre-approved, we will cover the mailing costs to have your Custom Diecast Car on display at our track for 1 season (year) as part of our Car Show.  That includes a minimum of 1 Race Event posted on YouTube.  We will advertise your Custom Garage during the Event and if you choose we will sell your car during the season.  Optionally we can mail back your car if you prefer.  Details of Consignment will be formally agreed upon before any transaction takes place.  We reserve the right to refuse a Consignment for any reason.

Half Time Show

Each race will have a half time show that will include a lot of diecast mayhem.  YOU could be a sponsor of the half time show.  (Estimated $5/month - 25% OFF until Feb 1st 2021).  Contact us for details.

Race Sponsor Time Show

Be the primary race sponsor.  (Estimated $10/month - 25% OFF until Feb 1st 2021).  Includes two Road Signs and Pro Membership.

Have other Ideas for Advertising?

Don't hesitate to contact us directly for any other advertising ideas.



Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin

Car Show

Half-time Show


Diecast Racing League (Main-in Race Events)


We are not only going to run our own Mail-in Racing Events but we are going to participate in other Mail-in Racing Events from around the world.  Here you will see what Event we are participating in.  If you are local to the Barrie area and would like to participate too, we can consolidate our mailing to events to save money.  Contact us if you are interested.

Valley Racers by Snow Valley Diecast Racing

This is our very own Racing Club that participate in the Snow Valley Diecast Racing Events here in Ontario/Canada.  Track still under development.  Races in 2021 TBA.

Canyon Outlaws by Chaos Canyon


We are in the process of entering a Canyon Outlaw car.  The deadline for on-line entry is Nov 27 2020.  Our very own Plasma-Force Garage has prepared our car and our entry has been submitted.


Location:  Auckland, NZ

Car Entry:  '61 Chevy Impala "The Imaplinator", Weight: 40.56g

Entry Deadline:  November 27th 2020

Event Date:  January 5th 2021

Car Type:  Must resemble a real vehicle, preferably old school muscle cars or trucks.

Max. Weight: 50g

Other:  Must have custom paint job in a rat rod style (rusty and old, not full mad max/gaslands)

(Vehicles are not returned)

Peg Clearing Brawl by Rust Belt Diecast Racing


We are in the process of entering a Peg Clearing car.  Our very own Plasma-Force Garage is hard at work getting our Alpine A110 Cup car ready for this event.


Location:  USA

Car Entry:  Alpine A110 Cup car (being worked on)

Entry Deadline: 

Event Date:  January 30th 2021

Car Type:  Grand Cross, Lindster Prototype, Chrysler Pacifica, Twin Mill Gen-E, or Alpine A110 Cup

Max. Weight: 80g

Other:  No FTE or other coated axels, No cut axels or tubes.  Cars must be repainted in neon color.

War on I4 Supercars Diecast Series


We are in the process of entering two Supercars.  Our very own Plasma-Force Garage is working with our Canadian Driving Club inventory to identify the cars to be worked on and entered into this event.

Location:  USA

Car Entry:  TBD

Entry Deadline: 

Event Date:  February 5th 2021

Car Type:  Must be a manufacturers model, Hyper or Supercar status (Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, etc.),  No SUVs or pickups.

Max. Weight: 60g

Other:  2 Cars

Diecast International Racing Series


We are in the process of entering two Supercars.  Our very own Plasma-Force Garage is working with our Canadian Driving Club inventory to identify the car to be worked on and entered into this event.

Location:  California USA (7 tracks including one in NZ)

Car Entry:  TBD

Entry Deadline:  January 5th 2021

Event Date:  February 2021

Car Type:  All vehicles must be based on real cars, or at least look like a real car that could exist.  Idealy American vehicles.

Max. Weight: 50g

Other:  Car must have a custom paint job and include assigned number for identification

(At the end of the tournament, the driver that wins the tournament gets to keep all the vehicles)



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