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Friday Night Street Racing

Now, after an afternoon at Orillia Diecast, we meet at the edge of town at Sparlings Propane near the railway tracks.  Friday night we compete, four lanes wide, to determine who is the fastest.  Afterwords Drivers hang out at either the Kawartha Dairy or Popeyes.  We sometimes have featured events:  TnT Monster Truck Challenge and/or Yellowline (see below).  We don't condone Street Racing unless it is done at 1:64 scale.

2021 Friday Night Street Racing -

2022/2023 Friday Night Street Racing -

2023 Sweet JP's Yellowline

2023 The Snow Valley Racers Cup - Muscle Car Madness (FULL)

2021 Friday Night Street Racing

Organized and run by Snake, drivers meet once a month to go head-to-head to compete for top 8 positions.  Do you have what it takes to be fastest down the track?  This is an easy way to get into racing as you don't need to mail-in your ride, simply request a Casting and we find you your ride.  Snake is very resourceful at "finding" rides.  The location of this race event has been relocated from downtown Orillia to Sparlings Propane near the railway tracks.

The crash that made the news
The Top 8 Driver's Ladder
The Latest winner and 5th on the Top 8 Car Ladder

Bolo Brown of Miniature Car Racing
in a '91 GMC Cyclone
front art 2.JPG

TNT - Monster Truck Challenge

Expect to see some Monster Trucking ...

This is another choose your ride event.  Monster Trucks go head-to-head down double lanes, over jumps and crushed cars to see who can cross the finish line first in this Trash 'n Trounce event series.  Intended as a side show to other events like the Friday Night Street Racing.

Snake leads the way with his new truck, Snake Bite!


Don't try this at home ... these are professional drivers at work!


Sweet JP arrived from Planet Dorothy with his 35,000 hp TransAM.  You have to see this thing fly when he pops a Gold Nitro into it!  From the 2009 movie Redline, JP actually competes in Yellowline to qualify for Redline.

This is a Mail-in Drag Race Event with unlimited weight and almost unlimited Castings.  Castings may be customized/modified event on the exterior (add engines, spoilers, it's up to you).  Some fantasy castings are allowed too ... get pre-approval from the Host, Marcus Firegone, before entering your ride. 


Do you have what it takes to beat JP?



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