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24hrs of LeMans inspired Diecast Racing - In 2021 we ran the Ford GT40 cars as a Carroll Shelby Memorial Race at MnM Diecast Racing as part of the Formula $pecial Season 1 Race Series.  I would now consider the Ford GT40 event as a LeMans Legends race.  In 2022 I'm experimenting with different classes of LeMans cars and different tournament styles.  I have the GTE AM & PRO cars in the GTE Endurance & Prototype Race Series to which I added LMP2 cars.  The 2nd Race Event is the LeMans Legends Series and now I'm working on adding a Road to LeMans LMP3 event that would see cars competing for 24 Laps over a 24 hour period.  Check out more details on each class of LeMans car.  (The start of this event has been delayed to 2023 or possibly 2024)
The LeMans GT Endurance (GTE) cars have two groups, the PRO (Professional) & AM (Amateur).  Same pre-approved casting available but with different weight limits.  AM has a cap of 50g maximum weight whereas PRO must be between 50 & 80g in weight.  Total of 24 cars.
The LeMans Prototype 2 (LMP2) cars for 2022 are based on a single casting, the Mazda Furai.  This group of cars has unlimited weight and will be run with the GTE PRO/AM cars.  That is 3 Groups of cars in one event.  Each Group will be scored and ranked separately.  This group of cars is limited to 6 entries.
The LeMans Prototype 3 (LMP3) cars is still something that I'm finalizing.  So far it will be based on a single casting, the 24 Ours.  This group of cars, like the LMP2, has unlimited weight but will be run as a single 24 lap event that will take place over 24 hours and will NOT be part of the GTE Endurance & Prototype Race Series.
The LeMans Legends is for classic LeMans racing.  This is a prestigious single race event with a single casting, the 1976 Porsche 934 Turbo RSR.  The maximum weight for these cars is like the GTE AM cars, 50 grams.  This event is limited to 12 cars.

Falken - GT Endurance & Prototype Race Series - 24 Hours of LeMans Inspired Diecast Racing

A mid-Season Event to the F$ Season (Starting in 2022 with F$ Season 2).  Priority for entry goes to those Teams/Drivers who are participating in the Formula $pecial (F$).  If additional positions are available, Non-F$ Teams/Drivers will also be able to join.

Categories: GTE PRO, GTE AM & P2

Plus a special LeMans Legends Series

GTE AM & Legends (50g limit)

GTE PRO (80g limit, must be greater than 50g)

P2 (unlimited weight) - One Casting (Mazda Furai)

Legends - One Casting (Porsche 934 Turbo RSR)


The GTE PRO and AM categories will be run together but scored separately.  A PRO or AM decal will be added to each car to indicate which category it is in.  Teams/Drivers may only enter one of the two groups, LMGTE AM or LMGTE PRO.  Do NOT apply a car number.  Car numbers will be assigned and applied to your car along with the PRO/AM decal (see sample on right).  Specific numbers can be requested if well in advance and before the decals are ordered.  The number decal will be applied to the doors on both sides of the car, this will include the PRO/AM designation and colour.

There are 7 approved Manufacturers and a total of 11 casting to choose from for the LMGTE Class with two categories, the PRO (Professional) and the AM (Amateur).  Amateur is limited to 50 grams and PRO is limited to 80 grams.  The PRO and AM will be run together but scored separately.  Teams/Drivers may only enter one of the two Classes, LMGTE AM or LMGTE PRO.

Event can be run with 12 or more cars.  Target participation is 24 cars.  See RedlineDerby for event details:

All LMGTE cars will be run using the F$ Grid Formation Tournament Rules but with elimination added.  Grid of 24 cars split into four packs of 6 cars each.  Cars will run a total of 7 Laps.  Cars/Drivers are awarded points at the end of the 7th Lap.  This is a multi venue race series to include a minimum of 3 tracks.


Le Mans P2 Endurance Race Series



In addition to having the GTE PRO/AM Categories, I'm including a LeMans P2 Category with just ONE approved casting ... the Mazda Furai.  This Category will be unlimited weight.


"The Furai, meaning "sound of the wind", was the fifth and last of the Nagare line of concept cars that have been made by Mazda since 2006. The chassis was based on the Courage Competition C65 Le Mans Prototype that Mazda last used to compete in the American Le Mans Series, two seasons previously and was designed to use E100 ethanol fuel, it was powered by a heavily modified 20B 3-rotor wankel engine that produces 450 bhp (336 kW; 456 PS). The engine was developed and built by renowned rotary tuner, Racing Beat, who also built the car's rotary-shaped muffler canister."

There will be 6 of these cars allowed in the race event and must be a different driver than that of the GTE entries as they will be run at the same time, at the same events.  However, these P2 cars will run in their own group of 6 cars as a "breakaway pack" from the other cars.


Le Mans Legends Series



This LeMans Legends Series is a "sideshow event" to the LeMans GTE PRO/AM & P2 Endurance Race Series.  It is a single race with a grid of 12 cars (2 packs of 6 cars).  In the Formula $peical style, cars that DNF but don't crash will rotate to the back of the grid for this single event, 10 Lap competition.


"Introduced in the 1976 season, the 934 competed in the Group 4 series. With a turbocharged 3-liter flat-six making 480hp, don’t expect the RSR to be charitable. If pushed too far or treated as anything other than the beast it is, it will bite back — and hard.  While one of the last examples of a road-legal race car, the 934 carried on in style.  Between its two years of manufacture between 1976 and ’77, it amassed quite the record.  An example of its prowess arrives in the form of a championship victory in the European GT Championship.  It also claimed the Trans-Am Championship in the United States.  Combine that with a class victory (fourth overall) at Le Mans in 1977, and you have the recipe of a legend."

There will be 12 of these cars allowed in the race event.  Same Teams/Drivers to the LeMans GTE PRO/AM & P2 Endurance Race Series can compete as this event will not be run at the same time as the main event.

Pictures and quote from RaceRoom Video Games

One casting, the Hot Wheels 24 Ours, with unlimited weight.  Like the other events, these will be run 6 at a time using the Grid Formation Tournament Rules.  The cars will form a larger Grid formation of more than 6 cars.  Cars will be run for 24 Laps and the results will be posted over a 24 hour period of time.

10:00 AM   – Race Start & Qualification Recap

2:00 PM    – 1st 4 Laps in Review

6:00 PM    – Laps 5 to 8 in Review

10:00 PM   – Laps 9 to 12 in Review

2:00 AM    – Laps 13 to 16 in Review

6:00 AM    – Laps 17 to 20 in Review

10:00 AM   – Race Finish & Final 4 Laps in Review

Cars that Crash or DNF will be removed from the race.  Exceptions: Cars that DNF on track and on the 2nd half of the track (close to finish line) will continue but be moved to the back of the Grid.  Cars that DNF due to another car blocking them on the track will also continue but will be moved to the back of the pack.  Cars that crash due to another car will still be eliminated from the event.



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