This is an invitational Cannonball in the theme of the De Leon from the NFS the movie.  I will be racing twelve cars across three host tracks. Maximum weight is just 40 grams so I expect all cars to be an equal weight.  Drivers who standout in other Diecast Racing events will be invited to attend this yearly prestigious event by Marcus Firegone.  Follow the link below to the RedlineDerby race information.

2021 Firegone FIREBALL - (FULL)

2021 Firegone FIREBALL (FULL)

The three tracks include:

  • Diecast Dude Racing

  • MnM Diecast Racing

  • Meal Ticket Raceway

Twelve Drivers include:

  • Luke H. (from KotM)

  • The Crazy Canuck

  • The Frenchman of U_U

  • Rubber Tow of Monster Motorsports

  • Doc of WeRaceDiecast

  • Gray Wizard (best of the rest 2021 DIRS)

  • Top Jimmy

  • Thom "Spanners" Watson (2020 DIRS Champion)

  • The Commish

  • Slick Rick

  • Brian O'Conner

  • Bo "Bandit" Darville



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