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This is an invitational Cannonball in the theme of the De Leon from the NFS the movie and was run in 2021.  I planned a second event in 2022 but so far that has been delayed until further notice.  The other FIREBALL event is the Cannonball Run Edition.  In this event individual cars race across three host tracks from Ontario to California for the best overall time.  This FIREBALL will be run for the 1st time in 2023.  Follow the link below to the RedlineDerby race information.

2021 Firegone FIREBALL - (FULL)

2022 Firegone FIREBALL - (FULL) / Delayed

2023 FIREBALL - The Cannonball Run Edition -




Starting at Warehouse 41, Driver's race 4,472 km / 2,779 miles to San Francisco.  Simulated by running on Snow Valley East in Ontario, The Tiger's Tail Raceway in Illinois, and Bay City Speedway in California.  The Driver with the best total time is posted on the leader's board and will hold the record.  This time will be scaled to real-world Hours:Minutes.



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