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The Firegone FIREBALL is an invitational Cannonball.  Each Driver earns points that are worth prizes.  Drivers will compete over 3 tacks.  There 3 tracks were:  Diecast Dude Racing, MnM Diecast Racing, and Meal Ticket Raceway.


Firegone FIREBALL - 2021

 Season Details 

Ford GT40

Hosted by MnM Diecast Racing, the cars were supplied by Marcus Firegone | Canadian Driving Club.  Teams/Drivers who finished 4th to 11th in the F$ 2021 were offered a seat in this unique unmodified Ford GT40 Challenge - the Carroll Shelby Memorial Race.  Cars competed in 2 groups of 4 with the best 2 of each group advancing to the final round.  R-Lo & Snake tied and had a head-to-head battle to determine the winner.  It's R-Lo for R-Lo Racing in 1st followed by Snake and Gus BR.

The top 3 Teams/Drivers win a free entry into next years Formula $pecial & LeMans events.  R-Lo also wins a Hot Wheels Casting of his choice.


Carrol Shelby Memorial Race - 2021

 Season Details 

F$ 2021

This event was hosted on 3 different tracks/YouTube Channels:  Snow Valley East / Marcus Firegone, Shredder Speedway / Shredder Speedway, and BlackHills Speedway / MnM Diecast Racing.

These are all mail-in modified cars and first time I have used my Grid Formation Tournament Rules.  All 18 cars qualify in a grid and are split into groups of 6.  Groups are run one after the other for 5 Laps.  Can car move up and down the groups as a result of passing, spin outs, and crashing.  F1 points are awarded after the final lap.  There is also bonus points for Qualifying on Pole and scoring the fastest lap time during the race.  For each venue their is Qualifying on Saturday and the Race Day on Sunday.

1st Place won $100 of merchandise from Custom Diecast Metal Signs by Meekin.  2nd Place $75 and 3rd Place $50.  1st Place also receives a drawing of their car by Glenn's Car Creations.  I'm also working on a 1st Place Trophy for this event.


Formula $pecial - 2021 Season 1

 Season Details 
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