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Formula $pecial

This is F1 Inspired Diecast Racing.  Cars are raced in groups of 6 making up larger grids of 12 to 18 cars using our unique Grid Formation Tournament Rules.   This event will be run on multiple host tracks.  This Event Season will not be cheap.  The castings we are looking for are very collectible.  We are going to give generous tips to the tracks that we run on for their effort and so they can enhance their tracks.  Teams will also be chipping in to cover the mailing cost between race events, track usage, and for prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for the season.  Fortunately we do have a few Sponsors who have helped to bring the costs down.  Follow the link below to the RedlineDerby race information.

2021 Formula $peical - (FULL)

2023 Formula $peical - (FULL)




Glenn, the iconic artist of the Diecast Racing craze, will be providing a drawing of the winning car.


Meekin, my supply of Metal Signs and much more, has offered generous prizes of his merchandise to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finishers.


Florence, your Canadian Realtor, is covering some of the events costs as well the Carrol Shelby Day.

2023 Tracks


2021 Tracks



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