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Marcus Firegone's 60 seconds of fame ...
First custom Hot Wheels car for racing arrived at Chaos Canyon in January of 2021.  At the time I didn't have Dry Lube and I was only able to add 4.32 grams with fishing weights.  Although not in the top 10, this '61 Chevy Impala, the Impalinator, has been active for many races at the Canyon in Australia.  This has been a really fun venue and I'm proud to be a part of it.  Check it out here!
May of 2021 I was one of the Drivers on 3DBotMaker's Diecast Rally Championship (DRC) Event 2.  Not my car but it was an honour to have been selected as a driver.  I was able to make the most of this car and really did well during qualifying.  In the end I did beat Big Air Dylan but came in second to Bobby Johnson.  Watch the DRC Event 2 here!
My name, Marcus Firegone, is in a song by Major Lazer & DJ Snake called "Lean On"
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