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The sound of the crowd settling for the start is a constant drum in the back of ones head.  Fighting over seats, showing support for their favorite driver, and that constant pop-pop-pop of guns being fired in celebration.  The cars one by one roar to life as their driver’s press the start button and frantically start making adjustments to bring the beast within under control.  The sounds of the crowd now drowned out by the roar of engines, each driver focused on the road ahead and their own vision of victory.  The intense smells of various forms of fuel and hot burnt rubber assault the senses, the vibration, intense heat, and riverets of sand blowing across animate the pavement surface into a living breathing thing.  The yellow line hastily painted across it’s surface becomes not only the start of this brutal punishment, that both man and machine will endure, but also the finish when only one will be victorious, only one will be named the victor. 

Race Description & Popularity

The future is here, the future is now, REDLINE is about the galaxy’s biggest and deadliest illegal road race, only held every five years at a secret location not unveiled until practically the last minute.  Naturally, everyone wants to take part, but to do so they must first qualify in one of the YELLOWLINE races.


YELLOWLINE 1, the first YELLOWLINE race series, will take Drivers to the far reaches of the galaxy, to challenging, obscure, backwater racing venues.  First stop is on my home planet, Planet Dorothy.  All races will be posted on YouTube Channels.


The objective of the race is to go fast and win but you will also need to keep track of your Popularity.  At the end of each race a Driver will be voted off and a new Driver called up from the Reserves List to take their place. Popularity is based on how cool looking your ride is and how well known you are.  Once the event is underway, Popularity will increase with skilled driving maneuvers and come from behind wins.

Popularity April 22 2023.png


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Sweet JP

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