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Snow Valley Racers

The local Diecast Racing team with their own Downhill Gravity Open Track named Snow Valley East.  SVR hosts many events on their track during the year, including A) Clubman Series, B) GT Class Endurance Racers and C) Prototype Class Endurance Racers.  Click on the link to RedlineDerby for details.  (also happens to be the logo of the Ontario Snow Valley Racing Assocation)

We are focused on Special Events and will not be running any Race Series on our Snow Valley Racers track for 2022.

See ... FIREBALL, F$, LeMans, Friday Night Street Racing & TNT Monster Truck Challenge


2022 Snow Valley Race Season

A) Clubman Series:

  • 1) Classic Muscle - 1960's to Pre-90's North American Cars (40g)

  • 2) Sports Car Cup - 1990's & Newer International Sports Cars (Corvette, Porsche, Ferrari, etc) (40g)

  • 3) Midnight Club - 1980s & Newer Japanese Cars (40g)

  • 4) Fantasy Muscle - Limited Castings (40g)

           (Fast Fish, Torque Twister, D-Muscle, Night Shifter, and Quick N'SIK)

B) GT Class Endurance Racers:

  • Limited to 30 Castings (see Event details) (50g)

  • Up to 2 Cars/Drivers

C) Prototype Class Endurance Racers:

  • Limited Castings (Prototype H-24 & Super Blitzen Only)

  • Car Number Required (40g)

  • 1 Car, 2 Drivers

PLUS ... Snow Valley Cannonball King

  • Top cars from Classic Muscle, Sports Car Cup, Midnight Club & Fantasy Muscle Battle for the overall Cannonball King.



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